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Manchot Graduate School „Competitiveness of Young Enterprises“ (WEJU)

The Manchot Graduate School “Competitiveness of Young Enterprises“ (WEJU) of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics explores how young companies can achieve a competitive market position and how they are able to become market leaders within highly competitive environments. Accordingly, the aim is to empirically examine key challenges young enterprises are confronted with in order to derive evidence-based recommendations for entrepreneurs and new ventures.

In the first funding period, ten dissertation projects were supported from April 2016 to March 2019. Within these projects, challenges of young enterprises are analyzed. In particular, the focus is on the intersection of three fields of business: (1) human resource management and organization, (2) finance and accounting, and (3) marketing and strategic management.

In the second funding period, research was also conducted on specific issues relating to young companies as of April 2019.The research focuses are located within interdisciplinary doctoral topic clusters. Central topics are: (1) young companies as employers, (2) innovations in young companies, (3) new financing options for young companies, and (4) digitalization in young companies.

The third funding period began in April 2022. Here, too, research will be conducted on specific issues relating to young companies. The central topics are: (1) Strategic Entrepreneurship, (2) Digital Entrepreneurship, and (3) Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Further information can be found under the heading "News".

Scholars will join a three-year doctoral program. Due to advanced courses, an intensive mentoring, access to a network with the international scientific community and young companies, an excellent education is offered. The two-track program, called the Y-model, offers either a scientific or a practical orientation opening various future career opportunities for participants.
We would like to thank the Manchot Foundation for their generous financial support of the Graduate School!

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